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A: Is it necessary to buy a retractable dog harness factory

A dog leash, also known as a dog leash, is a common dog leash. According to whether it has scalability, it can be divided into two types: flexible leash and flexible leash. Is the retractable leash good?

1, the advantages of retractable dog leash

(1) Can control the length at will, most of the telescopic traction rope is 3~5 meters long, can be adjusted in different scenarios, when not in use can also be collected, does not occupy the space.

(2) Good grip sense, several meters long rope body around the retractable tractor inside, good design grip grip is very comfortable on the hand, feel can firmly hold their dog, peace of mind immediately improved.

(3) Can be matched with any type of collar, strong metal buckle buckle up, any collar can match, you can buy more than one collar for the dog to wear patterns.

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2. Disadvantages of retractable dog leashes

(1) The telescopic traction rope has higher requirements for mechanical structure design, and the brake device requires precision. There are not many brands with guaranteed quality available at present, and the price is more expensive than the general traction rope.

(2) Decreased control of the dog. The dog finds that as long as it squeezes forward a few times, the rope will relax longer and let it move forward. Therefore, every time it finds a place it wants to sniff, it will pull harder, thus reducing control.

(3) Enter a crowded and noisy place and use a retractable dog leash. If the dog leash is put long, it may trip up others or cause several dog ropes to be tangled in the awkward situation.

In general, retractable dog leashes have advantages and disadvantages. When choosing, you can choose according to your actual needs. For example, if you often walk your dog in open places, you can consider using retractable dog leashes.

Two, retractable dog rope is applicable to what scenarios

1. When walking your dog in an open, safe and less populated area, you can use a retractable dog leash to put the rope to the longest, allowing your dog to move freely within a larger radius. 2. When riding a dog, in order to make the dog run with the owner, it is very appropriate to use the telescopic leash. In addition to adjusting the appropriate length to hang on the handlebar, it can also relax the lock of the rope, so that the dog can naturally control the distance between the body and easily bypass the obstacle.

3, temporarily restrict the dog, with retractable dog rope around a circle to bind the dog to any fixed object, very firm.

4, some unexpected situations, such as broken collar, broken, or a temporary dog does not have a suitable size of collar, with steel buckle to buckle the rope body, immediately transformed into a fast P rope, can be used in emergency. dog harness factory

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