pet bed wholesale:How much do you know that even cats have rules?

If you don’t like your cat sitting at the dinner table and getting under your bed, make that clear when he’s a kitten. Most of the time, people will forget these rules because it is too small and cute, and when it grows up, it will be scolded by its owner for doing the same thing again. pet bed wholesale If the cat’s bad behavior is not well improved in the childhood, it will be very difficult to change when it becomes an adult.


There should be a consensus among family members about the rules the kitten should learn when she gets home, pet bed wholesale about what is acceptable and what is not, and everyone should know how to praise her when she follows the rules and how to react when she breaks them. We propose to clarify the rules in the following aspects.

1. Keep the cat away from the table

Once the bad behavior of letting the cat go to the dinner table at will be developed, on the one hand, it will be associated with the quality of the cat owner, on the other hand, it will bring many health risks to the cat. Case: There was a cat that often slipped into the kitchen when the owner was not looking, jumped on the table, pet bed wholesale and stole the owner’s leftovers. Once there were a lot of ants at home, the owner placed ant medicine near the kitchen stove, and the cat ate it by mistake, but the owner did not find it in time, and the tragedy happened like this.

In daily life, as long as the cat has the behavior of jumping on the table, must be stopped, all family members to act together, the cat’s behavior will gradually get rid of.

2. Don’t let your cat eat leftovers

To prevent cats from eating things they should not eat at an early age, feeding cats human food will directly affect their health, because human food is not suitable for cats’ nutritional needs, such as taurine, vitamin A and other nutrients, and if there are bones, digestive tract damage and obstruction will occur. This often happens when there are elderly people to take care of the cats, so it is important to re-emphasize the consistent behavior of family members during the breeding process.


3. Don’t let the cat get under the bed

Many cat owners will sleep with their cats because they love and love them. This behavior will directly affect the health of their families and cats. On the one hand, the shedding of cats can affect the quality of life of the family, and sleeping together for a long time can also affect the health of the respiratory system. On the other hand, the cat can not talk, generally when the owner finds it is not in good spirits, it is already a relatively serious time, if the onset of the cat often sleep with the owner, for the health of the family is self-evident. In addition, humans also breathe out harmful gases during sleep, which can also affect the health of cats.


4. Don’t let the kitten grab anything

Complaints from first-time cat owners are common; The solid wood furniture in our home is already very ugly, the curtains in our home have been scarred… These unpleasant experiences are what every family does not want to see. In the same way, every member of the family should pay more attention, stop more, use the right training methods, and get rid of the cat’s bad habits of random scratching.


5. Keep cats away from dangerous materials

Kittens are very interested in rope such as wool, wire, mouse wire, rubber bands, plastic bags, plastic slippers and other items. If the owner does not find and stop their behavior in time, the cat is easy to appear dangerous, but also bring a lot of inconvenience to family life.

Post time: Nov-18-2022