pet supplies distributor:How long should a pet leash be?

Now we go out for a walk with pets, we all know to wear pet traction rope for pets, some people like a longer distance of pet traction rope, pet supplies distributor feel that pets can have a larger range of activities, also don’t always care for pets, for pets and themselves are free.

But if the design of the pet traction rope manufacturer is too long, the pet can not always be in the range of control, once a dangerous situation occurs, pet supplies distributor the owner can not timely control the occurrence of danger. So better traction rope exactly how long, as long as possible, pet traction rope factory suggest you, if a group of “place is empty, there is no traffic or other affected characters, so appropriate put longer the traction rope, there is no relationship, pets have larger space, host also can rest assured to enjoy their own supplies distributor

But in fact most pet owners are concentrated in the cities, in every corner of the pedestrian is more, so once dogs walk more far, we have not to stop the dog dog some behavior, such as a car suddenly coming, due to the traction rope is too long, we took the pet time is longer, it is difficult to prevent the occurrence of some dangerous.

Overall pet traction rope can’t set too long, generally within one meter controlled, add a bit of length can be appropriately, can in time to pull process control of dog behavior and trends for the standard, pet traction rope factory after Zui remind everybody, in order to prevent the happening of the accident, or not too prosperous their wishes.

Post time: Sep-23-2022