Company and Team



Company and Team

What is the specific development history of your company?
What was your company's annual revenue in the previous year? What is the proportion of domestic sales and foreign sales? What is the sales goal plan for this year? How to achieve it?

Our company's annual sales last year were around 1.8 million dollars. 30% of the products from domestic sales, 70% of the products exported to Japan, South Korea, the United States, Germany, France and other countries.
And this year we plan to double sales volume, the company will continue to provide good service and products to customers and increase investment in the design of new products, enrich product categories at the same time.
Welcome customers from all over the world to visit and discuss business development, we would sincerely listen to your kind suggestion.

What is your company type?

We are a trade-oriented company with our own factory to product parts of products.

What benefits does your company have, and which ones can reflect your company's sense of social responsibility?

Every quarter we have a performance review and reward our top employees with additional bonuses and vacations. With all staff, we have monthly dinner parties as team-building activities. We regularly bring food and toys to pet shelters, pass on love, and get employees to know our mission more deeply, provide everything cute pets need. ‘Especially Fur You.’

How does your company keep the customers’ information?

We have a professional customer management system for customers’ data protection.