• Pet Clothing Factory: How to choose pet clothing?

    Pet clothing Factory Love of beauty is human nature ~, Buddha depends on gold, people depend on clothes, cats and dogs can also wear clothes. They can wear the clothes is not absolutely breathtaking, today there is a familiar with everyone walk pet fashion week, and hope for is carefully selected for their clothes you bring help, friends remember thumb up to collect the forehead ~ cat dog wear clothes suitable for you in the dress before introduction of cats and dogs, let’s discuss a problem of “cats and dogs wear suitable clothes?” . pet clothing factory First, there is a pet’s point of view: it is not appropriate to dress pets for a long time! The reason is as follows: For pets themselves, they have their own fur and can keep themselves warm through a series of...
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  • Pet Clothing Factory hot pet clothing, how much do you know?

    Pet Clothing Factory hot pet clothing, how much do you know?

    With the development of economy and the acceleration of urbanization, the individuation and independence of urban households and the aging of population are becoming increasingly prominent, and residents’ leisure, consumption and emotional sustenance are also developing in diversified ways. In the pet raising process, pet clothing as a part of the pet industry is developing rapidly. Today, PET Clothing Factory will discuss many aspects of pet clothing. First, the classification of pet clothing   1.1 Pet Clothing Factory   Pet Clothing Factory is discussed as follows:   Dog clothing is mainly divided into medical clothing and daily clothing from the use. Medical dress (postoperative dress) : used to prevent infection of pet suture site after operation and keep pet body temperature....
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  • Here are some things you should know about traveling with a China pet Bag.

    Here are some things you should know about traveling with a China pet Bag.

    Can I get on the bus with a cat bag? Carrying a cat bag is not above the bus! Some cat owners think the bag looks like a school bag, so it should be ok to take the cat on the bus. In fact, this is also not possible! Because the bus can not transport pets, so, cat people must not fluke, if found out, the cat’s disposal right is not in your owner.   So, to avoid unnecessary trouble, it’s important to know in advance that your cat, no matter how hidden your bag may look, is not allowed on the bus.   Can you make sure the cat doesn’t meow during the bus ride, even if it escaped inspection? Even if not, what if someone hates cats and finds out and reports them to the driver? Do you leave the cat or the car?     So remember, if you’re taking a bus to another location, ...
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  • China pet bag should choose which is better?

    China pet bag should choose which is better?

    What kind of bag should a cat choose? Is it better to carry or carry a bag? How to buy China pet bag Fit your cat first. Cat bags should ensure that the cat in the bag can stand, turn and sit, but they should not be too big. If it’s too big for the cat to slide around in, it’s scary for the cat. Cats prefer to lean against the sides of the bag, which gives them a sense of control over their body position. Although kitten packs are no problem for kittens. But your cat will soon grow too big to fit in a cat bag.   Second, choose a comfortable and stable cat bag. Choose a hard cat bag, as a soft bag that collapses easily can be very scary for a cat. The inside and bottom of the bag begin to warp and wobble every time you lower it down. Third, choose a cat bag that is more suita...
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  • How To Choose The Right Pet Supplies Wholesaler:  8 Important Factors You Need To Know

    How To Choose The Right Pet Supplies Wholesaler: 8 Important Factors You Need To Know

    For the past 10 years in textile-related industry, our team and I have visited over 300 factories, manufactured and exported over 200 kinds of textile and pet products, at the meantime attended more than 30 different trade shows including Canton Fair, Asian Pet Fair etc. And that leads us to work for many brands across the world like Walmart, Petsmart, Petco, and amazon private brand sellers. Finding the right supplier can make a big difference to ensure your business booming and that you’re providing your customers with the best products and services possible. Here are eight important factors to help you choose the right pet supplies wholesaler for your business: 1. Location  There are a few things this may affect: 1.Quality. If the supplier is located in a province with low ma...
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  • Do YOU need a leash to go out? How much do you use dog harness suppliers

    Do YOU need a leash to go out? How much do you use dog harness suppliers

    The leash not only effectively prevents the dog from getting lost, eating and touching, but also prevents the dog from “intimidating” the surrounding pedestrians.   So how to choose the tow rope? dog harness suppliers   1. Traction rope is generally divided into collar and chest strap. dog harness suppliers   Some puppies, due to their rapid body growth, are not suitable for the use of a chest harness, which can affect bone growth due to size and shape.   As for the collar, p-chain can be selected for some young dogs (P-chain is p-chain, when the chain is set into a circle, like the English WORD P), and the relaxation degree can be adjusted according to the parent’s traction state. Therefore, there is a certain stress on the use method, which needs to be carefully stud...
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  • Dog harness suppliers: Meaning of a dog leash

    Dog harness suppliers: Meaning of a dog leash

    First, if the dog is strictly trained, very good obedience to instructions, and emotional stability, the probability of not leading will not cause any consequences. But!! I’m afraid only police dogs can meet this harness suppliers How many of your domesticated dogs can go through rigorous screening and systematic training? You can see from the recent news about the auction to eliminate police dogs, dogs trained in the police academy will be eliminated because of the slightest problem. If your dog can’t compete with a one-in-a-thousand, long-trained police dog, keep it on the leash and let it get you out of trouble. Even if you don’t bite, it’s not good to bump into or frighten people, especially old people and children, unless you have a mine at hom...
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  • dog harness factory:Clever use of retractable dog leash

    dog harness factory:Clever use of retractable dog leash

    A: Is it necessary to buy a retractable dog harness factory A dog leash, also known as a dog leash, is a common dog leash. According to whether it has scalability, it can be divided into two types: flexible leash and flexible leash. Is the retractable leash good? 1, the advantages of retractable dog leash (1) Can control the length at will, most of the telescopic traction rope is 3~5 meters long, can be adjusted in different scenarios, when not in use can also be collected, does not occupy the space. (2) Good grip sense, several meters long rope body around the retractable tractor inside, good design grip grip is very comfortable on the hand, feel can firmly hold their dog, peace of mind immediately improved. (3) Can be matched with any type of collar, strong metal buckle buckle up, any...
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  • Dog Harness Factory reminds you to walk your dog on a leash

    Dog Harness Factory reminds you to walk your dog on a leash

    A dog harness factory is used by a small harness The leash can effectively limit the dog’s range of activity, avoid the dog lost, hurt others, prevent the dog disorderly eating, stolen by people, also can find the dog’s poop in time, easy to clean, civilized you, me and him, one of the most important role is to do the role of monitoring, avoid causing losses.   How to choose the traction rope of different specifications, styles and materials?   Collar leash OR chest strap leash Benefits: Adjustable collar leash can be adjusted for different sizes of dogs, dogs can be used from small to large.   Disadvantages: Due to the adjustable characteristics of the collar leash, it is easy to hurt the dog’s trachea by strangling the dog’s neck. In particular, some of the mor...
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  • Tips for keeping a cat——china foldable backpack

    Tips for keeping a cat——china foldable backpack

    Choosing good cat food is the most convenient choice, avoiding the trouble of changing food in the future and the impact on the cat’s health.   Wet food such as canned cats and freeze-dried snacks can be eaten occasionally, but not in excess.   Toilet: Choose a deep one to prevent leakage, and always have a sand shovel beside it to clean up excrement (if it is a kitten within 3 months, it can also be replaced by a cardboard box when it is small). china foldable backpack Cat litter: tofu cat litter or ore is better, easy to cluster, easy to clean. Cutlery: Cats are very sensitive about their cutlery, so choose sturdy ones that can hold enough, ideally in place. Conditional can be matched again   A water-cooler tickle stick: Feathered tickle sticks are a cat favorite. But when ...
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  • Pet supplies knowledge: pet supplies and classification china foldable backpack

    Pet supplies knowledge: pet supplies and classification china foldable backpack

    Before explaining the classification of pet products, it is generally necessary to understand the common pets, so as to “correct”. Dogs, cats are the most common pets. Besides, there are rabbits, snakes, birds and so on. In the water, there are all kinds of ornamental fish. Of course, pet fish don’t need all kinds of pet products, but pet food is better for them. In recent years, with the improvement of people’s living standards across the country, more and more people begin to pay attention to spiritual companionship, followed by the birth and development of a new economy, pet economy. From life to death, the pet products industry covers the entire process, including pet videos, pet grooming, pet care, pet training, pet decorating, and China Foldable Backpack. I...
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  • How can a pet product supplier benefit right buyers like you?

    How can a pet product supplier benefit right buyers like you?

    This is Himi from China. I’ve been working in foreign trade business for many years, and now focusing on pet supplies exporting business, and would like to document and record this whole journey. In this business, we aim to attract and offer values to buyers from all over the world who are 1. Doing e-commerce business like running online amazon ebay stores 2. Local pet supplies Importers&Wholesalers 3. Purchasing manager of pet supplies supermarket chain 4. Running small offline Pet Supplies Store but wanna try to import from china And we’ll be doing by the ways of sharing why and how we can help you grow your business, including 1. Loading & Shipping 2. Factory Production 3. Material Sour...
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