Dogs are naughty for three reasons pet clothing manufacturers

One, you give your dog the wrong instructions, and two, you pick up the wrong bad habits. And third, to give him the wrong family order let’s first talk about the wrong instructions, and to understand errors let’s first understand how dogs think. The dog is actually a logical thinker. They basically don’t have any ability to think logically, only have simple reflexes.

For example, when we lock our dog in a cage at home, the dog will bark constantly. At this point, if the owner takes the dog out, you have told the dog that it has a clear reflex to bark and be cuddled. So the dog doesn’t understand that it’s caring, he just understands that it’s barking like crazy to be clothing manufacturers

Wrong habits. Dogs develop bad habits because of one faulty conditioned reflex after another. This is a bad habit that results from the accumulation of false reactions to humans over time. But the most serious of all bad habits is the bad habit of feeding. It’s best for your dog to have plenty of water, food, snacks, and toys when you go out. But over time it turns out that these dogs have stomach ulcers or are thinner, and they tend to be picky eaters. Why? This is how bad habits of life develop. For he could eat and drink whenever and wherever he wanted. So he had it his own way. You should know that dogs are not people but have the ability to think. We humans know that even if we don’t like food like vegetables, but vegetables are good for us, pet clothing manufacturers we will eat them. But the dog doesn’t think like that. He just thinks, “I’ll eat whenever I want.”

Then it must be the beginning of stomach trouble. And finally, the wrong order. The dog does a sequencing when it comes to any new environment. Dogs are not ranked according to who treats them well. On the contrary, who treats them well, they treat them like servants. And the person who beat the dog a lot,pet clothing manufacturers the dog is very nice to her and very in awe of him, because he’s like, he’s the leader of the family, I’m going to take the leader. So some people will complain that I am so good to her, she is so disobedient. In fact, in your dog’s mind, you are just lower in the pecking order. When he thinks you’re below him in the pecking order, it’s harder to change, but it’s not impossible to change. Start small. Now for getting your dog to obey.

First of all, prepare a cage, shut in the cage when Shouting something resolutely ignore it, wait for it to quiet and become good before you can hold it out. Then the fixed-point quantitative feeding regularly, don’t want to eat it can eat, can eat unlimited, have regular fixed quantitative to eat every time to eat a bowl of food can be, don’t have a rest, have a rest next time don’t prepare so many, to make it understand without you it’s not food, hungry, and need to other family members to cooperate, You don’t want to give him a regular ration and then have other family members feed him for nothing. The final family order is the hit. To let it know who is its father, especially your dog dare to bite people, this is very serious, dare to bite you at home in the outside of the sky, to bite the elderly and children outside will be very troublesome. The next time it still bites, fight it to the death, dare to resist, with a stick rather than with your hands in case of being bitten back, do not be afraid of it, the more afraid the more intense, must fight until it bites people to correct the problem.

Post time: Jan-03-2023