6 Steps to guarantee your importing business from pet products factories

Suppose you're looking for Chinese manufacturers of pet products, including pet clothes, pet beds, and pet carriers, and a professional exporter to take care of Negotiation, production, quality control, shipment, and customs declaration. In that case, please allow me to introduce 6 steps to guarantee your importing business from pet products factories.

1.Samples Confirmation:
So here we have a sample cutter area. This is where we make the samples according to customers' requirements and then send them out for confirmation. It usually takes around 3-5 days to finish based on back-and-forth discussion, material sourcing, sample making, and quality checking.


And also, we tend to find more suppliers who keep bulk-ready goods stock in the warehouse for quicker and easier sample quality confirmation checks. That is the 'Once you request, send out immediately' strategy.

2.Details Negotiation:
Once the sample is confirmed, we deal with all details like price, quantity, packing, QC process, lead time and shipment, etc., in our official PI with stamps. And we'll start production right after we receive a deposit in our account!


1. Material Sourcing
2. Trimming
3. Sewing
4. Tagging
5. Assembling
6. Quality Checking
7. Compressing
8. Packing


4.Quality Control:
- Sample Confirmation
- Check while Packing
- Mid-production Sample Checking &Reporting
- Final Inspection before Shipping 


After quality is confirmed, we get to a very important step-shipment. By the way, please subscribe to keep yourself updated because we will talk about all mistakes you can avoid while arranging shipment.
Booking vessel from freight forwarder according to goods volume and weight, loading the goods. 


6.Customs Declaration:
As a professional exporter, we'll deal with all files that customs need to declare your goods so that the container can be allowed to ship out successfully. And also, I'll share what specific files in the following videos!


Exploring good factories and building connections for our customers for potential mutual business success is cool. We've been doing it for many years and still keep going on.


Post time: Jun-02-2022