China pet bag should choose which is better?

What kind of bag should a cat choose? Is it better to carry or carry a bag?

How to buy China pet bag

Fit your cat first. Cat bags should ensure that the cat in the bag can stand, turn and sit, but they should not be too big. If it’s too big for the cat to slide around in, it’s scary for the cat. Cats prefer to lean against the sides of the bag, which gives them a sense of control over their body position. Although kitten packs are no problem for kittens. But your cat will soon grow too big to fit in a cat bag.

Second, choose a comfortable and stable cat bag. Choose a hard cat bag, as a soft bag that collapses easily can be very scary for a cat. The inside and bottom of the bag begin to warp and wobble every time you lower it down.

Third, choose a cat bag that is more suitable for your cat to enter and exit. Recommend a cat bag that lets you fit your cat through the top rather than the China pet bag that lets you squeeze your cat through a narrow door.

Fourth, buy a fully functional, personalized cat bag. Cat bags must have several large air vents at both ends. To prevent dizziness, it is best to choose a cat bag with a transparent lid. So the cat can see the landscape.

Fifth, ensure that the cat bag is safe and reliable. You need to test the safety of the cat bag you purchased. Before use, check all hinges, hooks and handles to ensure all facilities can safely support more than twice the cat’s weight and put it into a book of basic thickness for testing.

Six is to ensure that the cat bag is convenient to shovel excrement officer. The cat bag is for the cat owner, but as the pooper, you are also the user of the cat bag, it must be easy to use.

Two, the cat out of the bag and carry which good

It is recommended to buy a shoulder-type cat bag, because carrying is very tiring, and also affect your hands.

Post time: Jun-28-2022