China Pet Bags Which is good

If you want to recommend a pet backpack, first think about what domestic brands, support domestic brands ha! In fact, there are many domestic brands doing very well.


I have a ranking in mind when choosing pet backpack:


1. Comfort of material; Pets are just like our children. As a mother, she attaches great importance to the comfort level of the bag and whether the material is safe or not. I will choose the soft bag for my child first, which is definitely more comfortable than the hard bag.


2. Comfort of space; If you want your pet to stay in a small space for a period of time, it means that the space should be relatively spacious and upright. Therefore, I do not recommend using a pet bag without structural space in the soft bag, nor do I recommend using a bag with only one layer of cloth for soft tread. You must choose a soft pet bag with spatial structure.


3. Good air permeability; I see a lot of cat owners following the trend of buying capsule bags, space pods, etc. I can’t help but strongly advise them to stop giving their cats these airtight bags, ok? Imagine how cool it would be for us to be in a glass jar with a few holes in it, and how hard it would be to breathe. So, choose a cat bag with good air permeability, please.


4. China pet bags have high durability; Some cats and dogs will be stressed or resist when entering the bag, so they will scratch and bite. At this time, it is the time to test the durability of the bag. Therefore, I will prefer the pet bag with scratch and bite resistance when choosing it.


In so many years of pet raising experience, I have experienced the process of buying, buying and buying. The following two cat bags I recommend most are from The Domestic brand Petsfit, which I planted in the Asian Pet Exhibition:

1. China Pet bags


There’s plenty of room, and the bag can actually stand upright, allowing the cat to lie down or stand up. There’s also a probe that the cat can stick out of if you want to show off your cat in the crowd. Anyway, every time I carry this bag out always attract a lot of attention, I choose pink, really super good-looking.


2. China Pet Bags


This bag is really a bag I can amway, really too humane and practical. It actually shows out on the side, which means this bag can provide twice as much space for your pet. I love this design. I mainly use this bag when I drive out. I put it on the passenger seat and open it. I can see me through this little net. And I often carry this bag two at a time, so there’s plenty of room. It’s great if you have a car or need to take it to the hospital for vaccinations. Small red book many people recommend this bag when the airline oh, although I do not have aviation demand, but as a daily bag really recommend. They have single outreach and double outreach, I choose single outreach, think it is enough.

Post time: Jun-30-2022