Choose between a collar or suspenders pet dropshipping suppliers

From a health point of view: Collar is good for puppies, chest band will affect chest development. Adult dogs don’t have this problem. It should be noted that for wild dogs like rampaging dogs, collars can hurt the throat, so for more active dogs, chest straps are recommended. Therefore, explosion-proof chest straps were invented. There is also the P chain, which is expensive but has a good effect on teaching dogs to behave. The principle is that if the dog rushes too fast, the P chain will shrink and clamp the hair on the dog’s neck, which brings a strong feeling of pain and makes the dog calm down. Note that there are many fake goods on the market. Incorrect use methods will also make the P chain lose its effect. You can baidu the P chain for dropshipping suppliers

I’ve used a harness collar on my dog. My dog probably around 10 jins, small head, with a collar first will be back, and then the buckle straps is in the above, the collar because around her neck is not fixed, sometimes buckle to below, then the rope will stumble dog leg, the dog from time to time be enmeshed with dog leg rope to come here, pet dropshipping suppliers very troublesome… Relative to the dog, I think it is better to use the strap, leather strap leather rope is better to use, the kind of cloth dirty and washed, the skin is done a flush.


The harness is healthy for the dog, but laborious for the human. If the dog is large, the owner is old or weak, it is recommended to use a collar pet dropshipping suppliers

Post time: Sep-21-2022