Dog Harness Factory reminds you to walk your dog on a leash

A dog harness factory is used by a small harness

The leash can effectively limit the dog’s range of activity, avoid the dog lost, hurt others, prevent the dog disorderly eating, stolen by people, also can find the dog’s poop in time, easy to clean, civilized you, me and him, one of the most important role is to do the role of monitoring, avoid causing losses.


How to choose the traction rope of different specifications, styles and materials?


Collar leash OR chest strap leash

Benefits: Adjustable collar leash can be adjusted for different sizes of dogs, dogs can be used from small to large.


Disadvantages: Due to the adjustable characteristics of the collar leash, it is easy to hurt the dog’s trachea by strangling the dog’s neck. In particular, some of the more active dogs, which have a jumpy personality, will suddenly rush out when stimulated, and the collar leash can hurt them.

dog harness factory

Advantages: Fixed and not likely to cause damage to the dog, even if the dog is stimulated and suddenly runs, it is not a problem.


Disadvantages: fixed can not be adjusted, the same dog is not suitable for different age, need to be replaced.


Tow rope material leather, nylon, steel wire which is more suitable

Leather leash advantages: Leather leash has the highest feel, so it is very comfortable. Dogs like it best and it has the best ductility.


Disadvantages of cortex traction rope: cortex maintenance is more complicated, of course, if there is a mine at home, it doesn’t matter, old on the change, there is no maintenance complex problem.

Nylon traction rope advantages: a variety of styles, can do the gaudy, good-looking, lovely, soft meng, masculine.


Nylon traction rope disadvantages: bite resistant, and prone to static electricity.


Advantages: Wire rope is not easy to break away and has very good limitations for dogs.


Disadvantages: too heavy for dogs, poor comfort, basic dogs do not like.


One-to-one traction rope or one-to-many traction rope

Some large families raise more than one dog, it is recommended to buy a one-to-many type of leash, after all, each dog has a different personality, if you buy one-to-one type of leash may appear a dog facing east, a dog facing west.


dog harness factory Note: Not all dogs can be well adapted to a leash, so be sure to do a good adaptation training before taking your dog out on a leash for the first time. Put a leash on your dog first, and wait for him to get used to it before putting the leash on, so he gets used to it quickly.

Post time: Jun-21-2022