Doghouse selection suggestions selection suggestions wholesale dog beds

I wonder what the subject’s dog is like (large dog, small dog, medium dog, what kind of breed?). Because we don’t know wholesale dog beds the specific situation of the dog, we only offer a broad selection of suggestions: 1. Kennel size: you need to know the size of the dog. The simplest measurement method is: length > the length of the tip of the nose to the tail bone; Height > height from head to footpad. Of course, the size doesn’t always get better. For small and medium-sized dogs, if the litter is too large, it will not only reduce the warmth, but also make the wholesale dog beds dogs used to hide their toys, food, and even sundries, which is not conducive to maintaining hygiene.


2. Shape design of dog house: round, square, with pillow edge, smooth, fully open, semi-closed… In fact, a closer look at the design of the dog’s nest is quite diverse, and now there are many novel designs. Which shape is more suitable for your dog? Generally speaking, we recommend the classic square shape with pillow edge for large and medium-sized dogs, and round or donut shape for small dogs. If your dog is sensitive and has more privacy, you can choose a semi-enclosed kennel.wholesale dog beds

3, about the kennel material: kennel dismantling is actually two parts: kennel skin and filling. For leather, we recommend choosing materials with good air permeability and easy cleaning: such as pure cotton, or part of the surface + other materials such as acrylic or corduroy, and the bottom can be deerskin velvet with waterproof function, etc.; As for filling, if it is filled with cotton material, the heat preservation and air permeability is better. Never choose fillers that smell, as dogs are very sensitive to smells. If the smell of the filler is too strong, it can interfere with your dog’s sleep. In fact, it depends on the dog’s own situation to choose. Make sure you don’t buy light colors, because they stain easily!

Post time: Sep-27-2022