Dogs don’t sleep in the kennel? It’s all these things wholesale dog beds

Most of the time, we give the dog carefully prepared kennel, but the dog just won’t sleep, would rather sleep directly on the floor rather than in the kennel, exactly why? Dogs do this, generally are caused by these several reasons, do you know how many?


One, the weather is too hot

If the weather is hot, most dogs have a lot of hair on their bodies, and the kennel is generally fluffy and fluffy, and the dog’s cooling function is limited. When they feel hot, they will like to sleep on the floor, which is one of the ways they find cool.

Two, the dog house is not cleaned for a long time

The kennel is the place where the dog lives and sleeps. Generally, it should be kept clean and tidy. If the owner has not paid attention to it and hasn’t cleaned it for a long time, the dog will not sleep comfortably, so he would rather sleep on the floor than in the kennel.


It is suggested that dogs should be regularly cleaned and disinfected kennel, usually can also get the sun exposure, which can play the role of disinfection oh.wholesale dog beds



Three, the dog’s habit problem wholesale dog beds

If the dog likes to sleep on the floor from a young age and the owner doesn’t stop it, the dog will gradually develop a habit of sleeping on the floor for the rest of his life. Once he gets into the habit, he may not like it very much, even if you buy him a kennel.


Four, the lack of security in the heart wholesale dog beds

If dogs are insecure, they may reflect it when they sleep. For example, when your dog first comes home, it’s natural that they would rather be on the floor somewhere than sleeping in the kennel that you have prepared.



Five, trust the host

Dog if to this home, to master trust, when sleeping, anywhere to be able to sleep very sweet, and slept on the floor, may the floor just feel want to sleep in the day one of the sites, sleeping on the ground, it can be seen that they don’t have to worry about is hurt, trust your performance isn’t it?

Post time: Sep-27-2022