Here are some things you should know about traveling with a China pet Bag.

Can I get on the bus with a cat bag?

Carrying a cat bag is not above the bus! Some cat owners think the bag looks like a school bag, so it should be ok to take the cat on the bus. In fact, this is also not possible! Because the bus can not transport pets, so, cat people must not fluke, if found out, the cat’s disposal right is not in your owner.


So, to avoid unnecessary trouble, it’s important to know in advance that your cat, no matter how hidden your bag may look, is not allowed on the bus.


Can you make sure the cat doesn’t meow during the bus ride, even if it escaped inspection? Even if not, what if someone hates cats and finds out and reports them to the driver? Do you leave the cat or the car?



So remember, if you’re taking a bus to another location, don’t take your cat with you, and cats aren’t used to being cooped up in a small bag for so long!


How to travel with a cat?

Someone said, that I in case of an emergency, need to take the cat back together? At this time, I think I can drive myself. If I don’t have a car and only have a license, I can also choose to rent a car. It’s also very convenient to rent a car nowadays.


But remember, no matter you are carrying a cat on a bus, a regular train, a high-speed train or any other means of transportation, you are not allowed to take a cat with you, even if you are carrying a cat bag.


Not only are cats banned from these vehicles, they’re also not allowed to go through subway security, which means they’re not allowed on the subway either, and they’re not allowed on public buses either. china pet bag



So, if you must take your cat with you, the only option is to drive or rent a car. Of course, taking a taxi is also convenient, but if you choose carpooling, you need to specify in the order in advance to travel with cats. After all, cats are cute, but not everyone likes cats, and some people are allergic to cat hair.


Mention in advance that bringing your cat will also save you a lot of unnecessary trouble.


So do cats need to travel at all? Some owners take their cats out, just worried about whether the cat will be too boring at home, so they want to take their cats out for fun.


Do cats need to travel? china pet bag


As for whether cats need to travel, we can take a look at their behavior. Because cats are nocturnal animals, and most of people’s activities are in the daytime. So it’s never a good idea to take a cat out during the day. Cats can be cautious and afraid. There’s no need to take your cat out at night.


Cats are independent animals, so owners don’t have to worry about their cats being bored at home. If the owner wants to treat the cat better, he or she should play with the cat more often.


Buy toys, like tickers and scratchboards, for your cat to play with when bored.



Although the cat can not talk, although it looks high and cold, but in fact, the affection of the cat to the owner is very deep, so the owner of the cat must remember, you should take more time to accompany the cat.


Spending more time with your cat can also help your cat develop feelings for you. And the process of accompanying the cat can also decompress for the owner, so it is the owner accompanying the cat, but also the cat accompanying the owner, which is a two-way healing process ah!


What should you pay attention to when keeping a cat?


Cat owners should remember that cats are curious small animals, and they are often attracted by flying insects in the air. Therefore, owners who live in high-rise buildings must remember to seal their Windows. Sometimes it’s not enough just to install a screen, because cats are so smart! They may use their sharp little claws to pull open screens and “defect” to the outside.


So remember, it’s important to seal your window because your cat is worth more to you than a window. There’s only one cat!


Sometimes the cat also love to hide, hide to the owner can not easily find the place, this is just because the cat mischievous love to play hide and seek, the owner encountered the cat such naughty behavior should not be angry, because this is also a cute side of the cat.

china pet bag

Cat ownership takes a lot of patience, and if you’re not sure you can take care of a cat for life, don’t start too soon. Because your cat is probably just a pet to you and can probably be discarded. But to your cat, you are the world, the family member who will be waiting at the door early to go home.


In a cat’s world, its owner is the world. So if you want to get a cat, make sure you think before you get a cat!


If you can, adopt instead of buying. Breed cats are beautiful, but breed isn’t the only thing that makes cats cute. Every cat is unique. It’s different because you meet, so you see each other as unique in the world.


If love, please love them for a lifetime!

Post time: Jun-28-2022