How to choose Blank dog Shirts for a dog?

Want to know where the pet clothes wholesale, first of all to know how to choose clothes for dogs, in order to choose a suitable partner in many dog clothes wholesale factories, dog clothes wholesale market.blank dog shirts

So how to choose dog clothes, chooses clothes for dogs has several critical data,blank dog shirts is the chest, neck circumference, long, long neck is a dog in front of the neck to the tail this paragraph, the length of the neck circumference, that is, neck circumference, chest circumference is dog the perimeter of a circle on the chest, the first one to buy the dog clothes do not buy four feet, so the dog would be uncomfortable to wear, Feel bound, easy to wear clothes have a reverse psychology, after want to dress it is difficult, for fat dog, I also do not recommend buying four corners of clothes, wear up to walk not walk will be very inconvenient, wear up after may sit on the ground motionless. The material of pet clothes I suggest is pure cotton, chemical fiber is easy to cause static electricity, blank dog shirts dog skin damage. So after understanding these, where to wholesale pet clothes.


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Post time: Sep-15-2022