What strange habits does your cat have pet harness manufacturers?

As a biology student, I have systematically studied the weird behavior of my cat, and the tentative conclusions are as follows: 1. Only drink water from the toilet, vase (with a few bamboo sticks in it), fish tank, bathroom, and refuse to drink water from your own glass unless there is nothing to drink. I didn’t understand at first, but then I began to think about what the water he liked to drink had in common, and I got an answer: they all had living things, or had recently flowed. Just to confirm the answer,pet harness manufacturers I did the following experiment: Removing the rich bamboo from the vase, I found that it no longer drank from the vase. After our goldfish died accidentally, we still filled the tank with water (it is drier in the north and used for humidification), but it no longer drank the tank water. In front of him, pouring water from his glass, straight out of the fountain, he began to drink from his own. On this basis, I felt that my conjecture was preliminarily confirmed, and that natural animals might actively seek out living or flowing water to drink, because it seemed more reliable than a pool of stagnant water. Our cat loves to grab the sofa since childhood.


pet harness manufacturers We often scold and beat him (not really hit him, but hug and pat him, accompanied by harsh words to let him know that what he is doing is wrong). How much love? The family had plenty of scratchers, but they couldn’t stop him from scratching the couch. Over time, I noticed that he would look left and right when he grabbed the sofa, and if he was spotted, he would run away with great speed. Sometimes, when he had just put his PAWS on the sofa and noticed someone watching him, he would draw them back. This shows that it has been very clear that grabbing the sofa is not correct behavior, even punishable, but it is still “desperate”.


pet harness manufacturers And then I wondered, what if this sense of adventure, it would make him happy? So I designed an experiment. Set up a wifi camera next to the sofa, pointed at the sofa and kept filming, and found that it almost never grabbed the sofa during the day when no one was home, only once or twice a day. And when you go home, that jumps up to two or three times an hour. Think about it carefully, if the sofa really is easier to grasp than the cat scratching board, then it should be enough during the day when unsupervised, but on the contrary, he will not even touch the sofa during the day, I guess, if in the company of people, he can successfully catch the sofa and walk away, it will make him feel excited and happy, and can attract the owner’s attention, but if he fails, he will be scolded. And this game can add a lot of fun to his ordinary life. Some people say that cats eat grass to induce vomiting, to spit out the hair in their bellies, but this one in my house is different. So much so that we have to hide the cabbage. It often goes to the whole cabbage to tear a piece of cabbage, and then keep chewing, but because the molars (that is, molars) are not developed, can not chew the cabbage, only leave deep and shallow teeth marks, finally give up, the block of cabbage can not swallow. And I’m pretty sure he didn’t want to induce vomiting, because sometimes he went back to eat the chlorophytum at home, the strip-like plant can be swallowed directly without chewing, and chlorophytum leaves are often found in his vomit, plus our cat is special, its mother is a wild cat, gave birth in the yard of the community, disappeared after weaning, we took him home. Then he did not eat most of the meat (every time he ate a piece of meat for him to smell, but he was never interested in it), and only ate a certain flavor of cat food (but he especially likes to eat Miao-fresh bag, I do not know what magic the manufacturer has done). My mother said that he had not eaten meat as a child, so he did not know that meat can be eaten. Combined with this, I think of my original house rabbit, feed the rabbit cabbage every day, when it was a child, every day standing next to the rabbit cage to watch the rabbit eat vegetables. Then one day the rabbit died, and he was sad for a week. Is it young to imitate the rabbit eating cabbage, the size of the rabbit as their own model, and then developed the habit of eating cabbage…… (It is still not known whether he thinks the cabbage tastes good or just thinks he should eat it.)

Post time: Nov-15-2022