Wholesale Dog Supplies pet clothing fabric selection

After choosing the size of pet clothing fabric, it is the choice of fabric. The choice of fabric is also very important. At present, there are three kinds of clothing fabrics on the market, namely natural fiber, chemical fiber and blended fabric.

Different fabrics are suitable for different scenes, small owners for pets to buy the right ~ natural fiber cotton – pet shirts and other advantages: moisture absorption, soft and comfortable warm, rich color, moth resistance, acid and alkali resistance hemp

Advantages of summer clothing: Wear non-stick, good moisture absorption, cool and breathable, dirt resistance, high strength, anti moth silk (silk)

Small dress advantages: breathable cool, light and elegant, good gloss, good elasticity, colorful wool (woollen)wholesale dog supplies


Advantages of winter clothing: warm, moisture absorption, good elasticity Common characteristics of natural fibers: moisture absorption, comfortable wearing, no electrostatic chemical fibers: polyester, spandex, nylon, acrylic Advantages: strong elasticity, not easy to deformation, easy to take care of shortcomings: poor moisture absorption,

Electrostatic blended fabric: polyester cotton, polyester, cotton ammonia; Viscose and wool, viscose and cotton; Chemical fiber and wool blend; wholesale dog supplies Cotton and linen, silk and cotton advantages: both natural fabrics wear comfortable characteristics, and chemical fiber fabrics durable advantages and disadvantages: can not use high temperature ironing and boiling water immersion. Pet clothing note believe that after more than a few steps, small owners are already pick up your favorite pet clothes, get a pet, is biubiu appearance level to rise, but don’t happy too early, after all, pet clothing is man-made, do you like do not represent also like cats and dogs, the following notice small owners must pay attention!!!!!! 1. Pets show emotional excitement when wearing clothes, jumping around to escape and hide. After putting on clothes, they are obsessed with how to get rid of the clothes, tearing the decorations and sleeves of the clothes with their mouths. If the pets are very resistant, it is recommended not to let the pets wear clothes, all for the sake of the children! 2. Do not dress children for a long time. Wearing clothes for a long time may form hair knots, which is not conducive to children’s activities. 3. wholesale dog supplies Timely change the pet clothing, keep the clothing hygiene, wear clothes for a long time, do not pay attention to hygiene, easy to breed fleas, ticks, skin diseases, causing harm to the health of pets. 4. Dress your pet and know what to wear in what season. If you’re going to wear warm clothes in winter, choose breathable clothes for summer (especially important!).

In daily life, children should not dress up too fancy, or the cat and dog will feel that they are a different, increasing the burden of children. wholesale dog supplies You can observe the colors that children like in daily life, choose the style and size that suits them, so that they will like. How happy is it not to spoil beauty, to be with beauty, and to be with beauty?

Post time: Sep-08-2022