How to properly wear and use a dog lead pet supplies distributor

It is very important to choose a lead that is suitable for your dog, and the right way to wear and use it will allow your dog to play easily and safely. The wrong way to use the dog will be very uncomfortable, over time will be harmful to the dog’s health!

Common pet leash and proper wear

Pet leash (dog leash) is roughly divided into collar, pull rope, P-type leash, pet supplies distributor chest strap and so on. Xiao Bu took photos of some popular and common types of traction rope and the correct way to wear it

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The collar is generally a ring type, when buying must pay attention to choose a real dog can walk the collar! Real collars can withstand a certain amount of stretching, while decorative collars can break easily with exertion.

There are three common collar materials: leather, nylon and underwire.

· The malleable leather is relatively comfortable.

· Nylon has a variety of styles but is not bite resistant and is easy to produce static supplies distributor

· Heavy steel ring, poor supplies distributor

P type lead rope

P-rope As the name suggests the rope is P-shaped.

Proper use:

· P type traction rope is positive and negative.

· The ring is always pressed above the rope.

· P rope is stuck in the position of the dog’s mandible and placed at the root of the dog’s ear, rather than tied around the neck.

· Adjust the limiter to prevent the dog from breaking free.

P rope is suitable for almost all dog types. The P-leash can adjust the tightness of the leash according to the state of the leash, so as to better control and train the dog’s behavior. Often used by the dog trainer as a dog training rope, puppies can also use P-type lead rope training!

Super novice parents are not recommended to use, control the strength is easy to hurt the dog’s trachea.

Chest straps

Wearing the collar for a long time will rub the hair on the dog’s neck, which is easy to strangle in sudden impact running.

Then the chest and back is a better choice! The chest and back is suitable for flexible small dogs, good accompanying habits, can obey orders obedient large dogs use!

· When wearing the chest and back, keep the tightness at one finger.

· I-shaped suspenders and explosion-proof suspenders can effectively control the dog’s burst behavior.

· There are different ways to wear the chest and back. There are three correct ways to wear the chest and back at the beginning of the video

Triangular straps:

Foot straps

I-shaped suspenders

Anti-riot charging straps:

Telescopic tow rope

· Telescopic lead rope can be used with all chest straps.

· Extendable traction rope is the length of the rope that can be extended freely.

· Can give the dog more room to move around.

Do not put the rope too long so that the dog is too far away from the owner and some accidents can not be controlled!

Finally, it’s important for new parents to get adaptive training before putting a collar or leash on their dog!

Choose the right leash and wear it in the right way for your dog to play happily

Post time: Sep-23-2022