The cultivation of good habits in cats pet harness manufacturers

I often hear cat friends complain, “My cat does not like to take a bath, every time he takes a bath like killing a pig.” “My cat is such a picky eater. She only eats from cans.” “My cat always goes to bed and eats my toenails at night”… In fact, many bad habits of cats can be avoided from childhood. Just like people, cats need to establish good habits from a young age. pet harness manufacturersThis explains why many people like to keep kittens, not only because kittens are cuter, but also because they are easier to shape behavior and personality. Here are some good habits for a cat to develop from a young harness manufacturers


First, take a bath. Many people think that cats are not easy to bathe before they are half a year old, but this is a misconception. When your cat is three months old and has been vaccinated, it is perfectly acceptable to wash, but it must be blow-dried, gently handled and, if your baby refuses, not snapped, but in a soothing tone, slowly washed. When drying, it is basically the most painful experience for the cat. The hair dryer should use small wind as far as possible, and blow from the buttocks, and finally blow the head, because the cat’s hearing is very sensitive, if the head is blown at the beginning, it is easy to make the cat crazy, and it hates the blow-drying project, and it will be more difficult to take a bath next time. After blow-drying, it’s best to reward your cat with a can or cat’s favorite treat to get her to love bathing. General short hair cat 3 months wash once, summer can be shortened to 2 months, long hair cat according to the actual situation, one to two months wash harness manufacturers

Two, go to bed. Many of us love to sleep with our cats, but cats are animals, scientifically speaking, and their hair alone is not good for getting into our beds, not to mention the litter particles that often litter their feet. In my opinion, it is necessary to prepare a special nest for the cat and place it in a relatively hidden place. During the day, you can give the cat more warmth, cuddle it and play with it, or coax it to be happy with the fighting stick. When your cat is sleepy, put her in her own den to let her know that it belongs in her own little space, or lure her back to her den with a dry treat or favorite toy. If the cat gets into bed, snap at it. Over time, the cat will know where to sleep. Even if you put them on the bed, they will refuse.


Three, picky food. Many cat friends have asked me, my new cat food, the baby does not like to eat how to do. In fact, picky eating is not uncommon, almost every parent has encountered this situation. Here, I share my experience with you. Usually when you bring a kitten back from the cattery, the cattery owner will ask you what kind of food you have prepared for the new baby. If it is different from the cattery, they will bring you a full week of food so that the cat can adapt and transition. In addition, I suggest that cat parents prepare 2 to 3 types of cat food for the cat to eat mixed, so that the cat will not be very specific to the taste of the cat food, it is very convenient to exchange food, basically won’t worry about picking quarrels.


4. Urine and feces in the litter box


Cats that defecate everywhere can stink up a home and make for a very bad cat experience for poop collectors. How can you get your cat to relieve itself in the litter box? Cat poop is smelly, cats don’t need to go outside and play like dogs, and cats are naturally litter users, so just fill the litter box with the right amount of litter. When cats need to defecate, they will go to the litter box themselves, and they will also voluntarily poop after defecating. Usually worth noting is, try not to litter


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Post time: Nov-15-2022