Dog House Wholesale train your dog to live in a dog house

Living in a dog house is a correct breeding concept. If they don’t live in the doghouse, your bed will suffer. This article explains how to train a dog to fit into its nest. The first is to prepare a large enough doghouse; Then the drill begins: push it in with your hand while issuing commands in idiomatic language. Dog House Wholesale tells you to reward them if they obey, and if they don’t, you can push them in by hand.

First, prepare a dog house based on your dog’s adult size. You can design and build your own dog house or buy one from a pet store.

Training dogs to sleep in the kennel must start with a puppy. When the puppy returns from playing outside or is ready to sleep, the owner can lead it to the door of the kennel.

Push it in with your hand and issue commands in your native language, such as “go home” or “go home”. If the puppy obeys orders to go to bed, praise and stroke the neck gently.

But avoid by all means with food reward, because there is to eat, the dog inadvertently sleep! If the puppy does not obey the command, the tone can be appropriately accentuated and the puppy can be pushed into the dog house by hand. The owner will wait by the dog house for a period of time until the puppy falls asleep.

Usually, if the dog is found sleeping in another place, the owner can immediately give a command to the dog to return to the dog house. After a period of training in this way, the dog will develop a conditioned reflex.

As soon as the dog wants to sleep, it will enter the doghouse voluntarily. Even if it is not sleeping, as long as the master gives the command “go home,” the dog will immediately go into the doghouse and stay there.

In addition, pay attention to the cleaning and disinfection of dog house wholesale at ordinary times, so that your dog can have a clean and comfortable home. dog house wholesale

Post time: Jun-15-2022