How to choose the lead rope dog collars in bulk?

So how to choose the lead rope?


There are two types of lead ropes. The first is the collar, which is strong and good for restraining, but is vulnerable to injury. For example, if you pull back sharply in the middle of a run, your dog will be hurt. The second kind is the forelimb ring, the dog’s two front PAWS are put in, and then at the back of the neck, there is a buckle for it to use, its advantage is not easy to hurt the dog’s trachea. In addition, you can choose a leash depending on the size of your dog. If you are a small dog, you can choose a thin leash that is nice to look at. If it is a large dog, it is best to choose a very thick dog with a leash that will not break collars in bulk

The usage of the lead rope is also particular. For dogs, if the lead rope is too tight, it will cause injury to the dog’s neck, and even strangle the dog. If it is too loose, the dog is too easy to fall off, which is against the original intention of the dog. So, when we get the leash, we should give the dog an appropriate level of slack, not too tight and not too loose. dog collars in bulk Some dogs are so used to being free that they will be very resistant to wearing a leash at first, so it’s important to give them an adjustment process. It should not be used for too long in the beginning to make the dog believe that we trust and respect him, not because we are afraid of him. This point is very important for the wear of the dog lead, if we do not pay attention to this point, the dog will be harmful to the physical and mental health,dog collars in bulk it will believe that the owner does not trust him, will reduce the sense of dependence on the owner.


For a dog JUST starting to wear a leash, try to follow the dog so that it feels free to walk, rather than being held on a leash. Walking along the dog also reduces damage to the dog, which could easily cause damage to the skin around the dog’s neck and strangle the dog. Of course, if the dog is in danger, do not be led by the dog, the time to pull must pull oh ~

Post time: Sep-22-2022