Pet Clothing Factory: How to choose pet clothing?

Pet clothing Factory Love of beauty is human nature ~, Buddha depends on gold, people depend on clothes, cats and dogs can also wear clothes. They can wear the clothes is not absolutely breathtaking, today there is a familiar with everyone walk pet fashion week, and hope for is carefully selected for their clothes you bring help, friends remember thumb up to collect the forehead ~ cat dog wear clothes suitable for you in the dress before introduction of cats and dogs, let’s discuss a problem of “cats and dogs wear suitable clothes?” . pet clothing factory

First, there is a pet’s point of view: it is not appropriate to dress pets for a long time! The reason is as follows: For pets themselves, they have their own fur and can keep themselves warm through a series of body adjustments. Clothing is actually a constraint on pet’s movement, which may bring some confusion to pet’s life, such as licking hair, running and so on. So dressing your pet is not a good option in the long run.

Of course, wearing clothes for pets is not useless, small dogs in the winter warm ability is weak, if you do not pay attention to warm it is easy to get sick, winter to give them a dress, not like brazen incense?

In addition, some pets like to run and shuttle through the woods, and clothing is protective. For example, some police dogs have their own uniforms. Most importantly, putting clothes on your pet can really improve your appearance! Put on the moment, the small dog seconds into Tony Leung Chiu-wai, since the clown cat has become Takeshi Kaneshiro. So if you have time, you can give your cat or dog a makeover. After all, who can resist beauty? Now that we decide to dress up our pets, the question is, there are so many different categories for cats and dogs, but when we buy clothes, we often don’t order clothes. So how do we choose our pet’s size? Don’t worry about it. Here’s the formula. Biped suits are based on chest circumference, and quadruped suits are based on back length. Two-legged clothes: when we buy clothes, the general shopkeeper will be marked with a size table, we just need to put the measured data into the seat. pet clothing factory

When choosing bipedal clothes, bust size is the most important factor in the clothing selection process, and then body length and neck circumference can be used to select clothes suitable for pets. Clothes will be divided into long and short, but the bust is basically the same, so according to the size of the bust will not be too different. Pictured above is bipedal clothing, where only the forelimbs have sleeves. Quadrangle clothing: Quadrangle clothing is relatively warm, especially for the colder winter months. But it’s difficult to wear, and it’s more expensive. The key when buying a four-legged coat is to determine the length of your pet’s back. Because once the back length is short, then the dog’s clothes are too small, directly leading to wear, the back length is too long, and it looks very cross, affecting the appearance. Pet measurement I know the purchase of pet clothes are generally to measure the pet’s “circumference”, yes you read wrong, is the circumference, neck circumference, chest circumference, back long. Neck circumference: a circle around the neck, do not press the hair amount, to reserve the hair space, and then reserve more than 2~3 cm better. Chest circumference: Circle the dog’s chest slightly back from his front legs. Back long: the neck root to the tail before, do not cling to the tail amount, general clothes are not there. Remember, these sizes are subject to standing pets, small owners don’t make a mistake, the amount of time to be patient, you can ~

Post time: Jun-29-2022