Tips for keeping a cat——china foldable backpack

Choosing good cat food is the most convenient choice, avoiding the trouble of changing food in the future and the impact on the cat’s health.

Wet food such as canned cats and freeze-dried snacks can be eaten occasionally, but not in excess.


Toilet: Choose a deep one to prevent leakage, and always have a sand shovel beside it to clean up excrement (if it is a kitten within 3 months, it can also be replaced by a cardboard box when it is small).

china foldable backpack

Cat litter: tofu cat litter or ore is better, easy to cluster, easy to clean. Cutlery: Cats are very sensitive about their cutlery, so choose sturdy ones that can hold enough, ideally in place. Conditional can be matched again


A water-cooler tickle stick: Feathered tickle sticks are a cat favorite. But when playing with the cat to pay attention to the height, do not let the cat grab, will be very dangerous!!


Pet backpacks: If you want to take your cat out to see the world, a pet backpack is essential, especially if you need to use public transportation.


Nail clipper: cat cat has special nail clipper, choose special nail clipper to compare convenient and safe. Clipping your cat’s nails can prevent her from scratching and injuring her owner during play, so be sure to get into the habit of clipping your cat’s nails. Don’t be lazy!china foldable backpack


Cat brush: Used to clean your cat’s shed hair, a brush can be very useful during the changing season.


Scratching board: Cats need to polish their nails every day. Have a scratching board to reduce the chance that cats will scratch furniture, and also give cats another entertainment facility. china foldable backpack

Post time: Jun-20-2022